Mystic Inane: Eggs on a Plate 7"

Lumpy Records


Three new songs (well, two of them appeared on a previous cassette, but all are new versions), from this GREAT punk band from New Orleans. I've been obsessed with this band since their second tape came out, and this new EP and seeing them live again a few days ago have really cemented that for me. Hearing so much new music here at Sorry State it's easy to get jaded and bemoan the lack of artistic ambition among many modern bands, but Mystic Inane seem like a band that's really pushing the boundaries and committing to doing something that is not only new and different, but really good as well. In that respect they remind me of bands like the Kinks or the Fall in their prime... they have a good idea, they know it, and they're determined to push it as far as they can without ever retracing their steps. If you're wondering what this actually sounds like, it's definitely hardcore punk, but rather than the reference points that most bands tend to have, this comes from somewhere different. Like the Minutemen or the Urinals, this seems like hardcore not so much because they're trying to be a hardcore band, but merely as a side effect of their commitment to being as minimal and as direct as possible. Oh, and I also want to point out that "Manhood" has some of the absolutely catchiest guitar work I've heard on a modern punk record. This EP is completely, 100% essential. I'm eagerly awaiting their other new EP on Negative Jazz as well.
Tags: gb325 hardcore punk recommended