Mutual Jerk: Demo Cassette



Demo cassette from this new band out of Atlanta featuring Bobby Michaud from Brain F≠ / Wymyns Prysyn / Double Negative, but on guitar rather than his usual drums. Highly recommended for fans of the nu ATL punk sound like Wymyns Prysyn, Uniform, etc.

Our take: Demo cassette from this new band from Atlanta featuring Bobby Michaud, the drummer for Brain F≠, Double Negative, and Wymyns Prysyn (AKA my favorite drummer) in the new role of guitarist / vocalist. Even without Bobby's distinctive motor behind it this sounds very much of a piece with recent Atlanta bands like Wymyns Prysyn, Nurse, and Uniform. It has that same haunting, Wipers-esque dreariness and propulsive yet gloomy, behind-the-beat rhythm. However, Mutual Jerk separate themselves from the pack with a bit more dynamism to their sound than the aforementioned bands. A little bit less straightforwardly punk, Mutual Jerk tend to hang at a slower tempo and let their songs ebb and flow a little bit more, moving between quieter and louder parts in an occasionally Nirvana-esque manner. However, rather than delivering the money hooks, the vocals tend to be kind of rant-y, bouncing all over the beat in a fascinating way that kind of reminds me of the Flipper / No Trend axis of dirgey punk, but with a little more structure and rhythm. It's certainly a difficult sound to describe and I'm not sure what I've written above is coherent in the least, but suffice to say if you like this current generation of Atlanta punk this band should be on your radar. Oh, and the physical product is also a thing of beauty, including a pro-dubbed, imprinted cassette and gorgeous two-color screen printed j-card on textured paper. Strongly recommended.
Tags: 10s garage melodic punk raw recommended