Mutoid Man: Helium Head 12"

Magic Bullet Records


Debut LP from this new band featuring Stephen Brodsky of Cave In and Ben Koller of Converge. The first thing that people who read that name are going to want to know is "is it heavy?" and the answer is a resounding "yes!" It's not just a rehash of their classic records, though... there's a lot here that wasn't in either metal-era Cave In or classic converge. There's a strong psych rock influence running through the guitar-playing... it's not quite Jupiter-type spacey, but it's often drenched in wah, and the drumming is just furious and technical the way you want this style to be. So, you get something that's the same, but different... really, this kind of sounds like the lost link between Until Your Heart Stops and Jupiter, with a bit of the spazzy rhythms of Petitioning the Empty Sky thrown in... a real shredder.

Tags: 10s metal metalcore