Mutant Itch: Very Ugly Punk Nonsense 7" flexi (new)

Nightrider Records

$6.38 $7.50

Debut flexi from this gnarly noise-punk band from California.

Our take: Well, with Nightrider Records you know that you're going to get some wild, Japanophile punk noise, and California's Mutant Itch are by no means a radical departure from the label's established aesthetic. Like a lot of bands on Nightrider, Mutant Itch seem a bit enamored with Japanese hardcore and punk, in particular the mean yet bouncy pogo-hardcore of Gai (as well as related bands like the Swankys). There's always the danger that bands working within this rather limited set of parameters will show no signs of thinking outside the box, but these two tracks from Mutant Itch actually show a lot of depth. While the drums are pretty much what you'd expect, there's a lot going on with the guitar between the rhythm playing, occasional leads, and interleaved sheets of noise tying everything together. With only one side of a flexi to make their statement Mutant Itch definitely leave me wanting more, and I hope I get it. Oh, and if you haven't bought a flexi in a while... they actually sound good now! So don't hesitate to pick this up because you're worried about fidelity.
Tags: 10s 2lkj20n hardcore noisy primitive raw yoobl