Murder: demo cassette

Sonic Terror Disks


Demo cassette from this new UK band emerging from the ashes of DiE.

Our take: Demo cassette from this new London band that is basically a new version of DiE. The lineup is a little bit different and there are some stylistic changes as well. DiE's trademark was having the two guitar tracks out of tune with one another, which gave the music a creepy, unsettling feel a la Rudimentary Peni, but Murder dispense with that trope, relying on a more conventional recording style. However, they do add in some new musical tricks, namely some wild, Bones-esque near-atonal guitar soloing that pops up a lot in the first two tracks and ups the sense of unhinged wildness that is present throughout. The songs themselves tend to barrel along at a fast-but-not-too-fast tempo that sounds a lot like the Cro-Mags to me... in fact, I'd go so far as to say that I can't think of another band that captures the spirit of the fast songs on Age of Quarrel quite as well as Murder do, though they never get into "Malfunction" territory, at least on this tape. While this isn't quite as life-altering as the first DiE EP, it's still straight fire and highly recommended.
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