Much Worse: Ambivalence cassette



Brand new limited tour cassette release from this Minneapolis band that I think can now officially claim veteran status within the hardcore scene. From the first time I heard Much Worse my line on them was "Jerry's Kids meets Gauze..." a comment which I'm pretty sure directly led to them putting out a record on No Way. I think that line still pretty much holds up, particularly given that on this recording they're joined for the first time by Raleigh's own Jerry's Kids fanatic Ira Rogers, he of skin-pounding in the mighty Stripmines (as well as me and Jeff's band Prosthesis). The riffs come at you fast and furious one after the other, with very few pauses for traditional hardcore buildups and breakdowns. I know there are some who derisively refer to this style of songwriting as "riff salad," but when the riffs are as inventive and exciting as these there's definitely a lot of pleasure to be had in letting them just wash over you. Definitely an essential release for you fast hardcore fanatics, and hopefully it'll see vinyl sooner or later.

Tags: 10s hardcore midwest