Mozart: demo cassette

Maximum Rock and Roll


Demo cassette from this new Bay Area band featuring at least two coordinators for Maximumrocknroll, and as you might expect from a punk band helmed by people who live in a house containing one of the best punk record collections in the world, this is hardly easily classifiable. That's not to say it's indescribable... it's primitive, raw, and brimming with passion... pretty much the qualities that get lauded in MRR's review section every month. I hear all kinds of things in here like the wildness of Wretched (particularly on the epic first track), the explosiveness of the best recent Spanish punk (think Otan), the artsy minimalism of Kleenex... I suppose the common link there is that all of those bands were composed of very smart people who set out to make music that was simple and direct, but their intelligence and their unwillingness to do the obvious or stick with the formula keeps that goal from being accomplished in any kind of conventional way. The more I listen to this the more I fall in love with it, gradually familiarizing myself with its weird twists and turns. I should also mention that whoever sings for this band is a straight up star/genius... who knew that you could get this much range out of a punk scream? If you're as enamored as I am with Emil from Dawn of Humans' explorations of the limits of the punk vocal style this is an absolute must-buy. Basically, if you like to stay on the bleeding edges of piss-raw avant-hardcore this cassette is a no-brainer. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s female-fronted hardcore punk raw recommended