Moth / Infinite Void: Split 7" (new)

Mass Media Records


Two of the best bands around right now have gotten together and made a split ep together. Moth from Denmark and Infinite Void from Australia, it's really like a dream! This is a combined effort by three labels (us) Mass Media Records (US) // Unwound Records (AUS) // Contraszt! ( Germany).

Our take: Old school split single featuring one song from each band. Australia's Infinite Void clock in with a big-guitars-and-bigger-hooks post-punk anthem that has such heavy Chameleons vibes that I think I just saw it change color. The singer's a girl, but still... if you play Script of the Bridge and The Fan and the Bellows as much as I do I have a feeling you can get down with this. As for Denmark's Moth, they're drum machine-driven and a little more electro a la early OMD or Human League, but with some guitars thrown in the mix for good measure. If you're going to keep me interested in your post-punk band you'd best bring the hooks, and both of these tracks are solid.
Tags: 10s australia denmark post-punk