More Noize #8 / Tortura Mierda #6 split zine


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Latest issue of the raw punk chronicle, More Noise. If you are at all interested in raw hardcore, then this thing should be your bible. Tony seems to hear EVERYTHING, right down to the most obscure international demo, and he has an opinion on all of it. If you want to keep up on happenings in the world of raw punk and hardcore you can't miss this. This time around you also get interviews with Vaginors, the Swindles, Deathcharge, and Sun Children Sun. This issue is also a split with Tortura Mierda zine, but that side of the split is all in Spanish so I can't read it! From what I can make out, that zine seems to be focused on the visual culture of hardcore, including interviews with several photographers and zinesters, as well as one with Guillem from Destino Final that focuses on his illustration work.