Morbid Angel: Formulas Fatal to the Flesh 12" (new)

Earache Records


To see past the secure foundations of convention and into an entirely new state of being demands the strength, conviction and true sense of purpose possessed only by a chosen few. They are the innovators, the leaders, the ones who transcend perceived limitations. Morbid Angel have consistently succeeded in shattering the musical, spiritual and ideological boundaries of extreme music while unquestionably retaining their core element of brutal and inspirational excellence. 1997 signaled a major turning point for the band as Steve Tucker joined as bassist and vocalist. His passion, expert musicianship and true death metal vibe helped to make 1998's Formulas Fatal To The Flesh a grand return for Morbid Angel and ushered in a new prosperous era for the entire death metal movement. Both musically and lyrically complex, this is the band's most adventurous album.
Tags: 90s death metal metal reissues