Mongoloid: S/T 7"

Media Schlitz Records


Man, this one has "underrated rager" written all over it. I've listened to this probably half a dozen times now in the week that we've had it in the store, and I feel like I'm still wrapping my head around it. There are a lot of elements in the mix here... straightforward USHC (it starts with two songs that sound like they could have come from Victim in Pain), go-for-the-throat early punk a la the Dead Boys, and the artsier end of early 80s punk like the Minutemen. It's a totally bizarre mix and a band who isn't this good probably couldn't pull it off, but the confident delivery and bruising production values mean that you don't even realize how quirky and interesting these songs are until you've been around the circle pit a few times. I'm at a loss as to what to compare this to, though. It's definitely hard enough that fans of top-notch straight up hardcore bands like the Omegas would be into this, but it's also original and exciting enough that if quirkier stuff like Mystic Inane or Ivy is more your speed you could probably rage out to this as well. Definitely an interesting and awesome EP, and when you wrap it up in a nice 2-color screen printed sleeve (I'm a sucker for those!) you really can't lose.

Tags: 10s hardcore midwest recommended USHC