Mob Rules: Nothing Left 12"

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Yes! So stoked to finally have this one... I guess that the new Mob Rules album came out this past summer, but shortly after it was released all of the LP inserts were damaged in a flood and had to be reprinted, hence why it took us so long to get this one in stock. Anyway, it's finally here and it's a beast. As you may remember, Sorry State released Mob Rules' excellent first LP, The Donor, and while its Crossed Out-meets-King Crimson vibes stick out like a sore thumb within our catalog it remains one of our most underrated releases. That sound is more or less gone on Nothing Left, though... they still sound like the same band, but the power violence-y parts have been expunged, as have the more obtuse, kind of prog-y passages. Instead, the sound has been streamlined into a lurching, hulking hardcore monster that sounds like a heavier, meaner version of Bl'ast!. That comparison holds in both the Ginn-esque riffing (which, along with the burly vocals, is one of the few things held over from their old sound) and their habit of doing those great little hiccup pauses that were such a big part of the Bl'ast! musical repertoire. Anyway, this is just a beast of a record, and it's highly recommend if you like the kind of dense, intelligent hardcore put out by labels like Iron Lung or bands like Double Negative.

Note: all of our copies have small corner dings.
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