Minus: Self-titled 7"

Flatspot Records


So here we are, Flatspot Records number 6 and we're makin it real official. 2010 has been a good year for hardcore, lots of great bands out there doin their thing, and Santa Barbara's MINUS(current/ex-members of Downpresser, Violation, Pressvre) is no exception. Musically, its a mix of Stigmata groove meets 'Those Who Fear Tomorrow' era Integrity, with their own personal flavor. Before they even had a record out they played countless shows, did a full US tour, and are playing Sound & Fury, already provin their work ethic. Over here at Flatspot we only fuck with that fire, and the Minus demo went above and beyond our expectations, definitely being one of the joints in 2010 that stuck out the most. Markin another chapter in California hardcore history, Minus is destined to be a West Coast heavyweight in the game. We are releasin their demo as a 7" EP, and we're proud to immortalize this record on wax. Our boy Dwid Hellion hooked up the cover art, doin it real proper. We couldn't be happier to add Minus to the worldwide Flatspot roster.