Mind Control: S/T 7"

Forward Records


Seth and I were just talking about this 7" and I said "it kind of sounds like Glue mixed with S.H.I.T.," not realizing that there were customers in the shop who had no idea what I was talking about... I wonder what it would sound like for a band to sound like glue mixed with shit? Intellectual exercises aside, this EP is a total ripper. I'm sure the rad Sam Ryser (Crazy Spirit / Dawn of Humans) artwork had you intrigued already, and I'm pleased to tell you that it's well worth further investigation. Of the two bands I mentioned earlier Mind Control is probably a little closer to Glue... they make use of the same kinds of primitive pogo beats and the vocals also have that same kind of ugly yet catchy snarl. I'm sure this won't get nearly the attention that it would if the band were from a major metropolis (I think they might be from Duluth, Minnesota?) but it's a banger that would fit well--even stand out--on a label like Katorga Works or Toxic State. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s hardcore raw recommended