Mighty Fevers: F***'n Great R'N'R 12"

Dead Beat Records

$5.00 $11.00

Debut LP from this garage-punk band from Kobe, Japan. The label description references Teengenerate, the Registrators, and Guitar Wolf, and those are pretty much the exact same reference points I would have made... a lot of bands go for this sort of punk-infused retro garage sound, but very few can match the insane, over-the-top energy of Teengenerate's best stuff. The Mighty Fevers, however, do... if you crave that patented combination of blown-out-guitar, big vocal hooks, and over-the-top frantic energy (or if you just like punk played so fast and hard that it almost sounds like hardcore), this one is highly recommended. Dead Beat Records

Tags: 10s garage Japan