Midnite Snaxxx: Chew on This 12"

Pelican Pow Wow Records


Midnite Snaxxx's second LP has a bit more bite than their first,
bringing the tough/fun ratio up to a solid 1:1. Effective hooks will
have you chanting "oh yeah!" in line at the post office, bathroom, or
whatever your favorite line-waiting situation. Too fun to be this punk!
Neck brace not included.

Our take: As of this writing there are still a few weeks to go, but it's hard to imagine this new LP from Midnite Snaxxx being supplanted as my favorite record of February 2017. I don't listen to a lot of this Ramones-influenced stuff, but when I hear a band that I really like they tend to hit me very hard, and such has been the case with Midnite Snaxxx from the very beginning. When I first heard their first single for Total Punk, "A Guy Like That," I was completely smitten. It remains one of the most perfectly formed punk/power-pop songs I've ever heard (a legit all-time favorite), and while there aren't any songs so utterly perfect on Chew on This, every track is nearly so. If you're already a fan of Midnite Snaxxx, the sound is largely the same as their previous stuff, but there are a few small differences. It seems like they've undergone some lineup changes, and this time around the bass playing is considerably more ambitious, giving many these songs really interesting criss-crossing melodies that add another layer of interest in addition to the basic structure of the songs themselves, which is uniformly excellent. The production is also quite raw and blown-out... I haven't A/B'd Chew on This with their other records so I can't speak to exactly how much, but it feels more aggressive and rawer than I remember them being. If, like me, it feels like your music-listening is a never-ending search for the perfect balance between melody, energy, and aggression, then Midnite Snaxxx may well hit you as hard as they did me. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s garage melodic recommended