Midnite Snaxx: Don't Wake Me Up 7"

Total Punk Records


Brand new two-songer from this highly underrated band out of the Bay Area. While I love everything this band has done, their previous 7" on Total Punk is a total gem and may just win the title for the best song that Total Punk has ever released. If you haven't heard the Snaxxx, it wouldn't be inappropriate to lump them in with the thousands of bands out there that do your basic, Ramones-inspired three-chord punk, but they just do it so much better than everyone else. The music is simple, driving, fast, and yes, very Ramones-inspired, but the vocals are where this band really shines. They write the hookiest melodies that edge right up to being too saccharine without ever crossing the line. There's also the fact that their songs are incredibly short, so when I listen to their records I generally play them over and over because I'm left wanting so much more after they're done playing through. Basically, if you're into that fertile grey area between garage-punk and Ramones-inspired (pop-) punk (i.e. the space occupied by bands like the Rip Offs, the Zodiac Killers, and maybe even the Carbonas, Midnite Snaxx should be on your radar, and once they're on your radar you're going to want every single thing they've put out.

Tags: 10s female-fronted garage melodic punk recommended