Metal Urbain: Les Hommes Morts Sont Dangereux 12"

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Reissue (unofficial I presume?) of the 1st Metal Urbain LP. I remember seeing Geoff Travis from Rough Trade talking about these guys (whose single was the very first Rough Trade release) as the French Sex Pistols, which is kind of funny because to modern ears they really don't sound much like the Sex Pistols at all. The rhythms are much quirkier and more robotic than that, and even though they're very early Metal Urbain sound like more of a post-punk band than a '77 UK punk band. I always preferred this band's singles because I think I only ever had this LP on a discography CD (which, honestly, is a bit much for one sitting), but listening to it now this is a stone-cold banger... if you're into synth-driven punk this is definitely one that should be on your radar.

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