Mercy Killings: Snuffed Out 7"

Beach Impediment Records


Second EP from Mercy Killings, and I dare say that it's even better than their first. For this recording they've added another Wasted Time alumnus, so now they're sporting 3/5 of that band (in addition, of course, to Bay Bay from Direct Control and Sorry State / Skemí_ta's own Jeff). It shouldn't be any surprise to hear that this sticks to the fast and beefy hardcore formula that the band set out with on their first EP... of course there are a million bands in the world doing this, but if you're going to make a name for yourself you're going to need riffs and powerful vocals, and Mercy Killings have both in spades. Wrap it all up in the excellent packaging you've come to expect from Beach Impediment and you have another essential hardcore EP.

Tags: 10s hardcore punk recommended ushc yoobl