Mercenary: Atlanta's Burning cassette



5 new tracks from Mercenary's ill-fated lp. The heat from the blaze will melt your brain. Have a handful of these left, buy or die!

Our take: For those of you who may not remember, Mercenary is the Atlanta band that formed after the demise of the great Bukkake Boys. They were supposed to release an LP on Grave Mistake, but after recording the instrumental tracks the band fizzled out and abandoned the project. Well, at some point I guess everyone convinced Ruby to go back in and record vocals for a few of the tracks, so thankfully they were able to salvage this very limited 5-track tape from the remains of that aborted album. While the recording here is rawer and more primitive, it's definitely in the same vein as Bukkake Boys... heavy, driving hardcore informed--but not defined--by d-beat. It's kind of silly to put too much effort into writing this description because it's already sold out from the label and won't be repressed, but I do want to go on the record as stating that this is really, really good and it's a shame the band broke up.
Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore raw recommended ushc