Memory Hole: Demo 2015 cassette



Demo tape from this hardcore band from Winnipeg, Canada. Features members of Born Bad, Self-Interest, and White Wash.

Our take: Man, that's some cover, huh? In case you can't see it in the tiny little picture, it appears that some dude has dipped his junk in metallic gold paint and is presenting it for the viewer. As for the music, it's actually totally awesome. It's definitely hardcore punk, but it's not a small-minded genre exercise. It's difficult to tell whether Memory Hole are working from a broader palette of influences than most hardcore bands or if they're just making it up as they go along, but their punkier-take on classic USHC reminds me of a lot of really good "outsider"-type bands from the Crucifucks to Spike in Vain to the Feederz. Like those bands, Memory Hole are aggressive and antagonistic, but also aren't afraid of a little bit of melody here and there. A very, very strong demo in every respect from this Winnipeg band.
Tags: 10s canada hardcore punk recommended ushc yoobl