Maximum Effort: Tears of Rage 12"

Problem Solved Records

$5.00 $12.50

Debut LP from this St. Louis punk band... these guys have a lot in common with the really incredible crop of recent KC bands like Shaved Women, Sucked Dry, and maybe even Dark Ages. Like those bands, they have a sound that is unclassifiable. It's noisy, passionate, catchy, and definitely punk, but it's clear Maximum Effort are not simply aiming to do a solid take on an established style. That said, the closest stylistic comparison I can think of is Everything Falls Apart-era Husker Du... few other bands have this potent a combination of blistering tempos and catchy hooks. Also has some great DIY packaging, including hand-printed jackets and a very interesting manifesto / lyric booklet. Problem Solved

Tags: 10s melodic USA USHC