Massacre / Sekaannus: Split 12"+ 7"

Kamaset Levyt Records

$10.00 $20.00

Split release by these two new Finnish HC bands. Massacre play gnarly HC with a lot of variety... there are elements of Totalití_r's riffed-out attack, Appendix-style catchy, traditional Finnish HC and noisier influences as well. It's all wrapped up in great production and aggressive delivery... when I come to Finnish HC I generally want something that's both aggressive and catchy as s***, and this hits the nail on the head. Sekannus are a little different... while still very heavy, they rely on quirky guitar work inspired by Dead Kennedys or even the Proletariat. There's also an anarcho-punk leaning to some of the songs' rhythms that reminds me a little of Conflict or Subhumans... it's a really unique sound, and totally killer. In addition to the LP, this also contains a bonus 7" featuring more songs by each band. Kí_mí_set Levyt Records

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