Marbled Eye: demo cassette

Melters Music


Ace debut from Oakland's Marbled Eye. Don't believe the hype - Bay Area guitar music is alive and well.

Our take: Demo cassette from this new Bay Area band, and lots of people are already pointing out the strong Total Control vibes. I definitely see that, particularly since the deadpan-sounding vocals are very much in the same range and style as Daniel from TC, but to my ear Marbled Eye have a little more straight motorik style in their post-punk mix, which makes me think of the early Parquet Courts even more than Total Control. Don't get me wrong, the band are melodic and these songs are fantastic and catchy, but they seem interested in rhythm and repetition in a similar way to PC as well as the obvious Krautrock reference points like Neu! and Kraftwerk. From what I've heard I think the members of this band are quite young, but I feel like this tape has "future indie superstars" written all over it, not so much because their style is bland or accessible; rather, because the songs are just that good. Picking up this demo is definitely a good opportunity to get in on the ground floor and tell all of your hipster friends "oh, Marbled Eye? I mean, I was into their demo when it came out." And who doesn't love doing that?
Tags: 10s bay area california melodic post-punk punk recommended