Mansion: Early Life 12"

Degenerate Records


Degenerate #17 is not a mag, but rather the debut full-length by Oakland foursome Mansion, Early Life (related but unhelpful: Pang, Cube). Leaden. Surgical. Severe.

Our take: If there's a name for the genre that Mansion play then I don't know it, but I do recognize their sound, at least on the surface level. They seem to be interested, at least conceptually, in heaviness, but their music is not riff- or melody-based, which separates their sound from most other forms of punk, metal, and other modern "heavy music" genres. Instead, Mansion's lineage appears to extend back to 20th century experimental music (modern classical and musique concrete), up through no wave and the more abstract end of the Swans / Sonic Youth sound and toward modern bands like PC worship. Like I said, these songs (though they aren't very song-y for the most part) don't tend to hang around riffs or melodies, but rather generate their momentum through changes in rhythm and texture / timbre. The tone is primarily uncomfortable and confrontational... this is not easy music, but I think that it's pretty safe to say that if you like any of the above-mentioned bands you'll find a lot to enjoy here. Oh, and I should also mention that Early Life also serves as issue #17 of the excellent zine Degenerate, so if you follow that zine already you'll be interested to know that this record extends, in some way at least, that ongoing conversation.
Tags: 10s female-fronted garage post-punk recommended