Mannequin: 6 Songs cassette

self released


Killer tape from this band who seems to be associated with the whole NWI scene.

Our take: New 6-song cassette from this Northwest Indiana-affiliated band (well, judging by the artwork at least... I don't know much about them otherwise). No live drums here, just a full on 80s new wave-inspired sound. As with a lot of the NWI bands, Devo is a major reference point here... you can really feel their influence throughout these tracks. A lot of times when punk bands try their hand at this kind of synth-infused sound, things come off as either way too minimal and one-dimensional or way too poppy, but Mannequin strike that perfect balance. These are just catchy as hell pop tunes, recorded punk style (i.e. very raw and analog-y) with a punchy synthetic pulse. I don't know what's in the water that gives everyone from that area this particular pop sensibility, but I'm very, very far from burnt out on it. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s melodic new wave punk recommended synth-punk