Mankind: S/T 7"

Quality Control HC


I'm not sure that the world needs another band named after an Infest song, but UKHC is killing it so hard right now that I decided to give these guys a listen anyway, and I'm glad that I did. Given the geographic connection I imagine that people will probably compare these guys to the Flex, and indeed both bands share an affinity for breakdowns that nudge right up to the edge of cheesiness without going over. I call it the "tasteful breakdown." Where Mankind shines, to me, though, are on the fast parts... they have a real early 80s USHC feel, reminding me of stuff like Articles of Faith or Mecht Mensch, or maybe even early Corrosion of Conformity. I don't know if other people will necessarily make that comparison as most people into early 80s HC will probably just hear the breakdowns and be turned off, but the hoarse, powerful vocals and interesting rhythms on the fast parts are definitely a cut above.

Tags: 10s hardcore uk ushc yoobl