Mania for Conquest: 9 Song Demo cassette

Mania Records


Nine(!) song demo from this new band from North Carolina. Mania for Conquest are comprised of 3/4 of No Tomorrow, and given their name and the personnel I assumed this was going to be pretty much in the same vein as No Tomorrow. However, while Mania for Conquest are definitely d-beat, they sound totally different. No Tomorrow were like "pro" d-beat... they were always incredibly tight, had great equipment and sounded as good as world-famous touring bands like Tragedy. They were also very streamlined in their songwriting, rarely deviating from their established formula of Discharge-influenced riffs, fist-pumping rhythms, gutteral vocals, and Japanese hardcore-influenced metallic leads. However, Mania for Conquest are nasty, scrappy, and a good bit weirder. The recording is raw as hell, the vocals are double-tracked and kind of eerie sounding, and the guitarist makes liberal and creative use of the wah pedal. The result is that this has a certain wild, unexpected quality that I didn't expect... the same kind of thing that you hear on early Anti-Cimex tracks or even in classic Finnish hardcore. It seems like there are fewer and fewer interesting d-beat bands nowadays, but Mania for Conquest seem determined to squeeze something new and interesting out of the genre.
Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore north carolina punk raw recommended