Magic Circle: Scream Evil 7"

Hell Massacre Records


Repress of this rare promo-only single (originally only 200 copies were pressed), and now with a pretty cool-looking picture sleeve that the original lacked. "Scream Evil" is from the band's debut LP, and it's definitely one of the best songs on there. While I can appreciate what they're doing, I think that on occasion Magic Circle can sound a bit schtick-y, but "Scream Evil" is a powerful, straightforward rocker. I like the exclusive b-side, "Light Her Fire," even better, though... it's one of the band's fastest songs, running along at an almost punk clip, and with a great vocal melody... it could probably have been a Battle Ruins song just as easily as a Magic Circle one. I wish I could tell you didn't need this single, but if you're a fan of the band "Light Her Fire" is a an essential track.

Tags: 10s boston doom metal melodic metal