Mad Existence: demo cassette

Ten Feet Tall


Demo cassette from this new band out of Richmond, Virginia and it's a total bruiser... totally tough hardcore that plays around with both oi! and NYHC elements while keeping things fast, raw, and 80s-inspired. This is one of those bands I could see going in two different directions... they could either stick with this raw recording style and be the kind of band you'd expect to see on Painkiller or a label like that, or they could clean things up, go for a more "pro" sound and probably land a contract with a label like Bridge 9 or Deathwish. Nothing against the latter two labels, but I'm hoping they stick with path #1... and then maybe one day when I go up to Richmond for a show I'll see these guys and Firing Squad on the bill as openers.
Tags: 10s hardcore richmond ushc yoobl