Lumpy & The Dumpers: Discography 12" (new)

Episode Sounds


Japanese pressing of the highly in-demand Lumpy & the Dumpers discography LP.  Comes with a full color book full of live pictures, flyers, and lyrics. 

NOTE: Our copies did get a little banged up on their way here from japan and nearly every copy has a 1/4 inch ding on one of the corners. (If you look at the picture it's the bottom right corner of the jacket)

Our take: Japanese release of the much-hyped Lumpy & the Dumpers discography here. This version is musically pretty much identical to the European release which sold out instantly a few months back. The packaging on this version, however, is a bit nicer, with a proper printed LP jacket and a really cool, full-color 12"x12" booklet showcasing lots of artwork, photographs, and other ephemera. While it's not quite as extensive, it's very much like the booklet that came with the Agnostic Front No One Rules LP. A very cool package, and I'm sure for many fans this will be the definitive version of this release.
Tags: 10s midwest raw recommended weird