Lumpy and the Dumpers: Gnats in the Pisser 7"

Total Punk Records


Yes! The long-awaited new Lumpy Single, and it's GREAT. "Gnats in the Pisser" is easily the best Lumpy song yet, topping even "Sex Pit." It's got that subtle rock and roll vibe that this band's best songs have, and a seriously warped, sax solo that somehow sounds like Rudimentary Peni... total raw, warped punk just like I want it! As for the b-side, it has a more straightforward hardcore vibe... when Lumpy remove those rock/classic punk vibes they sound more than a little bit like Crazy Spirit, which is fine by me. All in all another KILLER record from this band... must-have!X

Tags: 10s garage midwest noisy raw recommended ushc