Lubricant: S/T 7"

Symphony of Destruction Records


Our take: Debut EP from this band out of Singapore, and it's a bona fide rager. Like a lot of people, I'd assume, I haven't paid much attention to the hardcore coming out of southeast Asia. While I know some bands have toured there, I'd previously assumed (rightly or wrongly) that most of what was coming out of there was 3rd-rate crust, but Lubricant can stand toe to toe with any western hardcore band. The style here is heavy, nasty, d-beat-informed hardcore. This doesn't sound out of place alongside Sorry State favorites like Torso and Skemäta, but they also have some of the "artsy neanderthal" (I should trademark that one) sensibility of a band like Gag. Crushing production, killer songs, and an unhinged performance... great artwork, too, making this an all around killer record.
Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore raw recommended singapore yoobl