Lower: Seek Warmer Climes 12"

Matador Records

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After a couple of 7"s, here's the debut LP from Denmark's Lower. Particularly on their first 7" Lower struck me as being perhaps a little bit too much like their buddies in Iceage, but this LP is really something else entirely... the band have really grown and progressed into something much more unique. It still has a little bit of that ramshackle sound that Iceage has, but the post-punk and even early Britpop influences are much more in the fore here... the album is super melodic, getting more into Cure / Chameleons territory at times, and the band actually has the songwriting and vocal chops to pull the sound off. I mean, you know that Matador isn't going to be putting out anything half-assed, but it's really astounding how much the band have progressed. Like Iceage, you can pinpoint a lot of different influences, but the sum of the parts is something completely unique. Highly recommended.

Note: While supplies last we have the indie exclusive white vinyl (ltd to 500).

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