Lost Sounds: The Lost Lost Demos 12"

Goner Records


Featuring early and alternate versions from Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout’s epic garage / electro-punk band Lost Sounds, Lost Lost collects songs off the Black Wave and Rats Brains and Microchips albums and their final self-titled EP, as well as ones that never saw proper release. The rare and unheard material ranges from captivating kitchen recordings and acoustic takes to fully realized studio tracks. Covers of garage obscurities like “I Cannot Lie” and originals like “No Count” betray the garage rock sensibilities that Reatard was still shedding during the earlier years of the band, while later recordings show the electropunk and black metal influences that crept into their sound.  A great collection from a great band and a couple of great songwriters—maestros of tension without release—Lost Lost will appeal to everyone from garage and punk fanatics to Numanoids and metalheads.
Tags: 00s garage new wave reissues synth-punk