Los Monjo: Sencillos cassette

CV Records


An absolutely ESSENTIAL release right here. This cassette compiles all of the singles so far from Mexico's incredible Los Monjo, rounding out the package with a gorgeous pro-printed j-card featuring full lyrics for every song and brand new artwork by Guillem of Invasion / Destino Final. It's no secret that I'm SUPER into the great Spanish-language punk that's been coming out all over the globe for the past several years (OK, the past 30 years really!), but if you're looking for that classic Spanish punk sound Los Monjo are probably your favorite band of this ilk. They totally nail the gritty, mid-paced rhythms and gnarly (yet still catchy) vocals of early Eskorbuto. I'm loathe to label Los Monjo as a soundalike band, though, because their songs are just so good and everything is delivered with total punk passion. These cassettes (which were released in Venezuela) are limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies, and I'm convinced you won't find a better set of twelve songs this year. Get this NOW or pose hard. CV Records

Tags: '77 & KBD 10s bfsale melodic mexico recommended