Los Monjo / Ruleta Rusa: Split 7" (water-damaged sleeve)

Solo Para Punks Records


NOTE: These copies were part of a shipment from Spain that was heavily damaged in transit. The vinyl is in new/unplayed condition, but the jackets all have serious corner dings and water damage. These are being sold at a discount, but if you are a stickler about jacket condition I advise you to find these somewhere else.

Mexico's Los Monjo kick off this split with two new tracks of their huge, anthemic punk. This time around they have a much clearer / stronger production than ever before, and the songs have that much more power as a result. On the flip, California's Ruleta Rusa (ex-Peligro Social) are a perfect pairing, delivering two songs with big, Eskorbuto-inspired hooks that pretty much sound like Peligro Social without the guitar wankery. An essential pairing. Solo Para Punks Records

Tags: 10s Latin America melodic oi! UK82 USA