Los Crudos: Discografia 2x12"

Maximum Rock and Roll


Man, this is one that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to have in the distro... if there's any band out there deserving an exquisitely packaged double LP discography, it's definitely Los Crudos. As anyone will tell you, they were a bright spot in the 90s, and basically single-handedly bridged the gap between the Spanish-speaking and English-speaking punk scenes in a way that has had a real and lasting impact on the world. They are a very, very important band... so important, in fact, that their importance to the scene has often overshadowed their music. Even listening to this discography right now, I'm kind of torn about how important that really is. Musical tastes change in the same way that social attitudes and values change, and I feel like Crudos haven't yet come full circle to where they're "retro cool" just yet... it seems like today's punk scene is still so steeped in that retro mentality, and the way Crudos are an utterly visceral, un-self-conscious explosion of passion seems completely inconsistent--maybe even incompatible--with the way that most punk bands operate today, which is essentially by making a bricolage of different influences. For someone my age who lived through this the first time it's refreshing to remember that this was the way we used to see the world, but I wonder if "the kids" see the value in that (hopefully the full lyrics--reproduced in both Spanish and English--will help somewhat). Basically, I wonder if anyone under the age of 30 will buy this record. I sure hope they do... god knows that anyone who wants to hear some world-changing punk should be damn well satisfied with this purchase.
Tags: 90s chicago hardcore recommended reissues spanish-language