Longings: S/T 12"

Framework Records


Longings explore the dark passages of post-punk with an intricate and melodic edge. Both bleak and levitative, their self-titled debut aggressively conquers themes of frustration & isolation. The Western Massachusetts trio, comprised of Meghan Minior, Will Killingsworth, and Cole Lanier, have grown and intensified their sound dramatically since the release of their 2013 demo tape, and it truly shows on these recordings. Over the course of eight songs, the band crafts an acute and urgent album by way of dynamic guitar work, compelling vocals, and spirited delivery.

Our take: It's been a hot minute since Longings dropped their demo tape a few years ago, but they're finally back with a brilliant debut LP. I'm sure that people will put the "post-punk" tag on this because that's the common reference point for what seems like 75% of underground music these days, but I think there's a lot more going on than that. Indeed, it's far less of a tribute to the post-punk era than Meghan's other project, Siamese Twins. I doubt many people would agree with me because the vibe is so different, but this LP actually reminds me quite a bit of the Pura Mania 7"s that everyone (me included!) was freaking out about last year; Longings have a similar way of arranging songs with the bass generally banging out a simple, driving, and catchy chord progression while the guitars do these even catchier repeated little figures that remind me more than a little bit of the Chameleons. However, whereas Pura Mania's hoarse, shouted vocals got them a lot of Blitz comparisons, Longings' multi-tracked, way-down-in-the-mix shouted vox give this a very 90s vibe. Because the vocals are so buried this will probably take a couple of listens to click with most people, but once it does I think you'll realize it's a really great LP... and personally I'm a huge fan of music like this that is dense, intricate, and slow to reveal its secrets. So, while my recommendation is not as simple as "if you like band X you will like Longings," if this description intrigues you I encourage you to check it out, as this is one of the more unique and powerful records I've heard as of late.
Tags: 10s melodic post-punk punk recommended