Long Knife: Wilderness 12"

Feral Ward Records


Debut vinyl from this Portland band, and man is it a corker! These guys were set to tour with Forward earlier this year, which seemed like a tough proposition for a brand new band, but these guys could've held their own. The first thing you'll notice is that the vocalist really does sound quite a lot like Jerry A, hence the Poison Idea comparisons that everyone is throwing at these guys. There are some other points of comparison as well, though-- some catchy, blazing Feel the Darkness-type lead guitar, and just the overall vibe of the release, which manages to be tough, heavy, and fast without pigeonholing itself in any particular punk subgenre like crust, d-beat, etc. Instead, this is just solid, burly, hook-filled hardcore. Recommended. Feral Ward Records

Tags: 10s USA USHC