Liv Slakt & Maskin: Raspig Rockmusik 7"

Den Magiska Cirkeln Records


Debut 7" from this new Swedish band featuring members of Sí_nkt and Wallrides. Man, this is definitely one of my favorite Swedish punk records I've heard in a while... it has a really tough, loose sound that reminds me of the Amde Petersen's Arme stuff, but slower and meaner, and with a bit of a rock-n-roll inflection to the riffing a la Bara Rock N Roll-era Tristess. It almost sounds like the band is deliberately playing slower than they are capable of, which really gives it this tense vibe like it's about to completely explode. That might sound like a slight, but it's a productive tension, and really keeps you on the edge of your seat. Like a lot of their fellow Swedes, the presentation here is spot-on with perfectly mussed production and artwork. Limited to a scant 200 copies, so don't expect this to stick around long. Den Magiska Cirkeln

Tags: 10s Scandinavia USHC