Liquor Store: In the Garden 12"

Almost Ready Records


Liquor Store are clearly in that very broad, long tradition of Stones-esque punk bands, and hence there are a lot of references that are appropriate off the bat... the Heartbreakers, the Dead Boys, maybe even the Soft Boys (minus the irreverence). However, there's something to the texture of Liquor Store's melodies that is just undeniably EPIC... their last album was a sprawling double LP, and while this one is a comparatively concise half-hour, it still feels huge... like a Stones concert in the 70s, a Kiss video, or maybe more appropriate the Replacements kind of pretending to be those things while also kinda sorta pretending to be punks. It's an intriguing mix, it certainly doesn't sound like a hell of a lot else out there, and the hooks are undeniable.

Tags: 10s garage