Lion's Share: demo cassette


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Demo cassette from this new band out of Newfoundland, Canada

Our take: Demo cassette from this Partisans-inspired band out of the current hardcore hotbed of Newfoundland, Canada. I'd be surprised if the Partisans weren't Lion's Share's primary influence because they sure sound a hell of a lot like them, as well as like a handful of other bands on the No Future Records roster as well as modern disciples of this sound like Savageheads. The whole oi! thing can seem like it's totally played out as there are already a zillion mediocre bands playing the style, but Lion's Share aren't one of them. I love their raw, minimal, 4-track-style production and their songs are simple, catchy, and powerful. It's definitely no frills, but if you like current bands who play in the style of the aforementioned I'd highly recommend checking this out.
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