Life: Violence, Peace and Peace Research 12"

Desolate Records

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U.S. pressing of the amazing 2013 full length by these long running Tokyo punk bastard masters. 22 tracks of raging noise spanning raw punk to classic UK crust, with a Disclose cover thrown in for good measure.

Our take: American pressing of the 2013 full-length by this Japanese hardcore band. I feel like Life are a band for the true connoisseur of Japanese hardcore. There's really nothing flashy about them... they're not as noisy or as wild as a band like D-Clone, they don't have the over-the-top lead breaks of Death Side, and they're not as "out there" as bands like Paintbox. Instead, they're just pure, strong, driving Japanese hardcore in the tradition of bands like Tetsu Arrey. This is not to say that they're middle of the road, but rather that they lack the kind of easy-to-latch-onto elements that dabblers in the Japanese hardcore scene tend to notice. While this style was kind of fashionable in the early 00s with Blood Sucker's heavier release schedule, DSB coming over to the US, and bands like Tragedy repping the influence of the classic Japanese bands, nowadays we tend to hear mostly d-beat and noise punk out of Japan rather than this beefy, metallic style. However, Life pretty much knock it out of the park, and if you're a fan of this style this is a record that should, without a doubt, be in your collection.
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