Life: The World Lies Across Them 12"

La Vida Es Un Mus


La Vida Es Un Mus continues their pattern of bringing us some of the most extreme, warped noise-punk coming out of Japan. If you've been disappointed that the later material by bands like Zyanose and D-Clone went in a less organic, almost slightly industrial direction, then you should definitely check out this Life record as it has the same kind wild, organic take on the noise-punk sound that the early Zyanose and D-Clone records had. Personally, I tend to only really latch onto this noisy stuff when it's really out there, and Life is indeed out there. In addition to the really gnarly, warped guitar sound that you might expect from this genre, I think what really grabs me here are the neck-snapping changes and quirky rhythms. Of course you can count on La Vida Es Un Mus to bring you only the best of this style, and Life certainly qualifies.

Tags: 10s d-beat gb325 hardcore japan noise-punk noisy punk