Lewis Dimmick: This Music book/zine

Wardance Records


I'm not sure whether this is to be categorized as a book or just a square-bound zine, but I do know that this is chock-full of really interesting stories and anecdotes relating to the world of hardcore punk. From browsing through I gather that Dimmick played in Our Gang (who you may know from the New Breed tape compilation), and he's since gone on to become a proper writer with, like, degrees and stuff. I'd definitely place the writing in this zine in the realm of creative nonfiction, but Dimmick knows his audience and keeps the punk/HC scene right at the forefront of every store, and they're quite interesting to read. They're also incredibly short (most about 1/2-page long), so this seems like the perfect thing to sit on the back of your toilet... not sure whether Dimmick would take that as a compliment or not, but I can't think of a more prestigious place for a document like this.

Tags: 80s nyhc zines