Lesion: S/T 7"

adult crash records

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Raw mid paced reverb drenched hardcore punk with more than a nod towards repetative lofi black metal. I can see this appealing to folks into bands like Hoax, Bone Awl, Sump etc - but then again, I could be wrong - and you like none of those bands and worship Lesion!

Our take: Debut EP from this new band who I assume is from Denmark based on the fact that it's released on the great Adult Crash label. The label's description mentions Hoax and Bone Awl as points of comparison and it's easy to see why... this is tough, blown-out hardcore that has both that mosh-able groove that makes Hoax so distinctive as well as a slightly cvlt / black metal vibe to the whole proceedings. While it's not as powerful as Hoax's huge, clear-sounding recordings, what Lesion lack in fidelity they make up for in atmosphere, of which the dingy recording (which reminds me of early Hellhammer demos) has quite a bit. It seems like this was the sound of the moment a few years ago when Youth Attack was still going strong and everyone had a solo black metal project, and not hearing a ton of bands that sound like this every month definitely helps me appreciate Lesion more than I would have a few years ago.
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