Les Fleurs Du Mal: S/T 12"

Projectile Platters


Long-awaited release by '80s French/UK band Fleurs Du Mal. FDM came on the scene in the early '80s playing many shows and steadily making a name for themselves before disbanding. Though they came around during a time when new wave was dominating the charts, their music is definitely influenced by the more post-punk sound. There is no better time for this release to surface with the rise in popularity of current and classic post-punk. This will sure to be a great addition to those seeking the bands that were around more than 30 years ago making this sound. These recordings have been unearthed and are now making it to vinyl. FDM's sound is '80s nouveau wave with female vocals that are danceable and harmonizing with pounding post punk elements in the guitars and drums that will make this a definite dance floor classic.
Tags: 80s europe post-punk reissues uk