Lemonade: Pink 7" (new)

Thrilling Living


Debut EP from this Minneapolis band. Split release with Not Normal Tapes. 500 copies on black vinyl.

Our take: Debut EP from this new Minneapolis band. For some reason, when I listen to Lemonade the key adjective that comes to mind is "bratty." Not only is the singer's voice really high-pitched, sounding kind of like an angry little kid, but the music has this weird vibe that makes me feel like a kid throwing a temper tantrum, like I'm boiling over with energy but it's only marginally within my control. In a lot of ways, this feels like a much purer expression of what hardcore is about than a lot of what I hear these days. So much hardcore sounds controlled and composed... all the riffs (not to mention the haircuts, outfits, and whatnot) are just so, everything perfectly planned and nothing out of place. However, Lemonade sounds like you took four hyper-active people, handed them instruments, and locked them in a room with an unlimited supply of soda. Occasionally they might spit out a kind of melodic riff--like on the memorable "¿O Se Explote?"--but mostly they're just thrashing around and expending all of that pent-up energy. This record is absolutely infectious, capturing something primitive, childlike, and very special. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s hardcore midwest minneapolis punk recommended yoobl