Leisure World: Demo cassette



Demo cassette from this California hardcore/punk band.

Our take: Demo cassette from this new band out of Fullerton, California. Leisure World play a really interesting style that kind of straddles the line between hardcore and noise rock. Listening to their music I'm reminded of how much of the whole noise rock / AmRep aesthetic is rooted in the later Black Flag stuff. While it's apparent that Leisure World have listened to more than their fair share of records like Loose Nut and In My Head, they go for something much thicker and denser than those later Black Flag records and they arrive at something that reminds me a lot of modern noise rock-influenced bands like Pissed Jeans. So, if the idea a very 'Flag-influenced Pissed Jeans piques your imagination I'd highly recommend this one... it's well-recorded, powerfully performed, and has more music on it than most punk full-lengths these days.
Tags: 10s hardcore punk recommended ushc yoobl